EPSON WF-7210 & WF-7310



  • First please click on the link below and Start by using the Installation Guide
  • Next download the latest driver for the Printer
  • Once installed follow the complete instructions as shown in the Epson user guide

Full Instructions are available there, and also below is a Quick Set Up Guide

Download Correct Driver

Make sure you select the correct operating system for your computer before download the driver.

The settings required must be applied to the Printing Preferences page. Please see the illustration below.

Or alternatively if familiar with the use of printers, the Quick Setup Guide below.

FOR INK Please Refer to FAQ’s

Quick Setup Guide for Windows 10

Once the Installation is complete and the driver downloaded
First Set Up the printer
Using Buttons and Arrows Ensure To Select are the Following

  1. In Menu Select Maintenance Thick Paper and ON

  2. Next Select Paper Guide and set to Cassette1 A3+ Envelope

  3. Next Open your PCSettings and then Control Panel(Opening the Control Panel And Adjusting Settings is different on other versions of Windows, but what you must select remains the same)

How to open the Control Panel in Windows 10

  1. Click on the Windows Icon in left hand side corner of the Desktop

  2. Click Settings Icon Bottom far left .

  3. Click On-Devises Bluetooth Printers Mouse

  4. Scroll to bottom of page and select Devises and Printers

  5. Select Epson WF-7210 Right Click and Select Printing Preferences

  6. Ensure you Select the Following:

    Paper size Super B (13 x 19ins) or A3+ 329 x 483mm
    Print Quality: For best Results use High / Fine (Standard/Normal can mark)
    Tick Print Preview (on Windows)
    Media Type Thick Paper or Envelope
    Paper Source Rear Paper Feed Slot (you may need to re-select this)
    Select More Options and De-Select High Speed
    Finally again in More Options Add and Name a Printing Pre-set “Floato”,
    and OK to save settings

Once you are used to printing Floato™ Photo Balloons, you can experiment with the settings and go for “Borderless” but the above are the settings we recommend you use to start off. Going for borderless will increase ink usage and may very occasionally mark the balloons, but the print size is noticeably larger and looks really good

To print a larger manually select A3+ Borderless in print setting on your Computer each time you print still keeping the thick paper setting, which is always required.

Any problems with ink marks first check thick paper settings and if still OK revert to A3+

Instructions for Mac, Photoshop and Printing


Once your Mac has installed the Driver for you, click on the Apple Symbol in the top left hand corner of your Screen and Select Printers & Scanners

  • In the left Column Select Epson WF-7210
  • On the Right Select Options and Supplies and Name EPSON WF-7210 Series
  • And Below name a Location
  • Above Click On Options and set UP as follows and then click OK
  • Next set up A Print Job on the Floato App and go to Complete Order
  • Double Click on Print your Balloon in Printer Select Epson WF-7210 Series
  • In Printer Select Epson WF-7210 Series
  • Set Paper Size to A3+ Not Borderless (329mm x 483mm)
  • In Preview/Print Settings Select as follows:
  • In Paper Source: Rear Paper Feed
  • In Media Type select Plain Papers
  • In Print Quality Select High or Fine
  • In Presets: Select “Save Current Settings as Presets”
  • And re-name as “Floato” Epson WF-7210 Settings and press OK

Finally Manually setup your printer

  • Start by Pressing Paper Setup Button (immediately to left of screen)
  • In the Menu make the following selections
  • In Paper Setup select Cassette 1 – A3+ / Envelope
  • In Maintenance Thick Paper ON
  • You are now ready to print and your computer will automatically select to use A 3+.To print a larger image you can also manually select A3+ Borderless in print setting on your Computer each time you print and still keep the thick paper setting which is required
  • Should you have any problems with ink marks revert to normal A3+

Should you decide to use Photoshop in order to create your own images please find a Template below. The sizing is 329 x 483 mm. You will need to double click on the image to see the surround.

Please note unplugging your printer may remove the settings.


Should you decide to use Photoshop to create your own images please find a Template attached below. The sizing is 329 x 483 mm.
You will need to drag and drop the image to see the surround.

Epson SP 1500W
Epson SP 3800 / 3880
Epson SP 4900
Canon Pixma Pro 100
Cute Balloons Software