Your Delivery:

In the UK your balloons will normally arrive 2 working days after your funds have been cleared…..if not please email Harriet at [email protected]. Your printer however will be sent to you directly by the Epson distributor Kingsfield Computers and in the UK will normally arrive 48 hours after the balloons.
Because of the demand we have created for these printers, Kingsfield sometimes runs out of stock for a few days and even weeks and if your printer does not arrive, you need to contact Kingsfield Computer Products on 01604 643 006 and ask for Sue or preferably email [email protected] and your enquiry will be dealt with. You will need your order number.

Do’s and Don’ts
  1. Always use a lead to connect the Printer to the computer ( Never Operate Wireless )
  2. Disable your Firewall only while downloading App and always restore immediately.
  3. Always Follow Instructions for Printing in every way and save settings as shown.
  4. Always set to “Envelope” or “prevent paper abrasion” where applicable.
  5. Until familiar with printing always print on the paper back of the balloon first with the arrows pointing down and ensure the image covers most of the width of the paper.
  6. If you write in please be kind enough to tell us the version of windows you are using and the processor be it i5 or i7 for example and the size of memory be it 4 / 8 / 12 16 gb. Your Inquiry will be forwarded to our app designer


  1. Never forget to remove Air Hole Tape from Inkjet cartridges.
  2. Never place the balloon in the printer with the arrows pointing upwards

  3. Don’t forget if you turn off your printer at any time you may loose the settings for thick paper and envelopes and the balloons will then mark. You will then need to reset the printer.
In case of Problems Downloading the New Software

On Windows: you may currently get a notice saying 
"Windows Protect your PC"
Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised app from starting.  Running this app put your PC at risk.
If this happens please select  “More Info” and then you will see below "Run Anyway”, and the  app will be installed.

On Mac you may get a notice “Floato” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?
Or you may have to select the Apple Icon in left top corner..select "System Preferences” select Select "Security and Privacy” select Run Anyway and OK

Click here to download

New Software Installation + Answers and Trouble Shooting


1. Uninstall Old Software

2. Install New Software

3. Next go to “Help” which you will find at the top of the app on Windows, and at the top of the screen on Mac… and clear cache.

4. This will remove unwanted data and give Floato™ a fresh start.

5. Now reopen you app, which is now ready for use.

Trouble Shooting

1. Should you have any problems with the app not creating the full image or loosing lettering, you can generally fix this by slowing down the app to work better with your computer.

2. Go back to “HELP” and click on “My print has an incomplete image?” where you can increase the dwell time in milliseconds.

3. This will allow the app more time to create your design as the app
Default is very fast at 5000 milliseconds. We recommend you slow it down to 25,000 milliseconds which will only slow the app down by about 10 seconds real time.

4. To avoid making any mistakes in future please GO Back to your Set Up and tick the Print Preview Box in Printing Preferences. In this way you will always get to see exactly what you will print before printing. Similarly on a Mac in Print you can go to PDF and select:
Open PDF in Preview

5. When using the templates you can hugely increase the amount of letters you can type into the boxes by simply selecting a very small size of type first, and then enlarging the size. It will all then appear in the box.

How to Print a Heart Shape in Cute Balloons

Simply go to templates and select the grey heart image blank before doing anything else.

Templates Not Functioning

Should any template not be available or function correctly please report with photo and information to [email protected]
Although every effort is made to make them all fully functional, we are aware currently and apologies as they do not all always function as they should.

What Printers Can I use?
  • Magic International Limited recommend the use of, and will currently only support retailers using the recommended printers like the Epson WF-7110, the Epsion Stylus Photo 1500W A3+ format Inkjet Printer and the Canon Pixma PRO-100.
  • Floato™ can however also be used on a range of professional grade wide-format printers like The Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 which we do support and Instructions and a template are on the website.
  • Epson Official Statement
    "The balloons are printed using a range of Epson printers used by professional photographers and galleries to produce limited edition and life-like prints every time." Epson
  • Floato™ may also successfully print on other makes of A3+format Inkjet Printers, but neither the manufacturers of Floato™ or Magic International will assume any responsibility or liability for the results, which may damage the printers or the balloons or both.
  • You can however also use many of the Canon range of desktop printers starting from the Canon Pixma Pro -100 upwards like for example the Canon Pixma Pro 9000
  • FYI – Laserjet printers cannot be used at all– as the heat produced in the LaserJet print process damages the balloon and printer.
What is the difference between long and short leading edge?
  • The Long Leading Edge is for the Epson Large format Printers like the Epson Stylus Pro 4900
Why do you Only Recommend certain Printers?
  • Other printers may work but we do not support them. Essentially the printers we recommend have all been tested by us and can be specially set to accommodate thicker paper and this is the key to clean printing.
Which is the right Printer for me?
  • We recommend that small to medium size retailers start with the Epson WF-7110 or the Epson Stylus Photo 1500W or the Canon Pixma Pro-100. If you are a large online retailer we recommend that you consider the Epson Stylus Pro 4900. Please contact us for any advice [email protected] and we will call you to discuss
Can I Use Unbranded Inks?
  • We actually do.
  • To keep the cost of printing low, we buy our ink for both the Epson WF-7110 and the Epson Photo 1500W on Ebay and the cost per balloon print is negligible at about 3-5p per balloon print.

Please see links below:



  • With the Epson 1500W you get 35 cartridges for £13.99 inc Vat which is £11.66 plus Vat. Each cartridge costs 34p and you get 12 print from each so 3p
  • With the Epson WF-7110 you can get 12 cartridges for £7.99 inc Vat which is £6.65 plus Vat. Each cartridge costs 55p and you get 12 print from each so 5p


  • The manufacturer advises that your guarantee may be invalidated if any damage is caused to the printer by the use of non branded ink, but we have printed thousands of balloons and had no problems, However it is your decision if you want to buy the branded or a generic ink.
  • Having said the above we use Epson's own inks for the Stylus Pro 3880 and 4900, both because as they are large cartridges and because the printing is still inexpensive and non branded are not easily obtainable.
How Long will the Balloons Stay Up?
  • The American manufacturer recommends that these balloons will stay up for 4-6 days, but our tests have shown that they can stay up longer.

More Information

If there is any question not listed that you require more information on, please feel free to email us at [email protected].