New Free Printer Offer

Due to the huge demand for a Free Printer Offer we have managed made a further purchase of Epson WF-7210  printers and we are offering

a free printer (plus delivery) when new customers buy just 50 Floato™ 50 Mini and 50 Maxi Cute balloons.

We are still offering a 50% off discount on purchases to UK and EU customers with their first order of 50 75 100 or 250 Floato™ balloons.

This offer is again limited and will disappear as soon as the printers have gone.

Customers outside Europe will need to contact us directly at [email protected] to arrange this.


Floato Printable Photo Balloons

Floato™ Trade Website Marketing Points

Floato™ is the easy-to-personalize, retail friendly, high quality 22 1/2 photo-balloon with a large print area.

Magic International Limited (MIL) is the sole distributor of Floato™ outside the USA.

Floato™ Photo Balloons are produced in America under exclusive license to Magic International by one of America’s largest balloon manufacturers.

Floato™ does not require an expensive professional-grade printer or software, or any specialized training to use.

Floato™ can be printed in about a minute and can be sold for an attractive affordable price.

Introductory Printer Offer available NOW with minimum Order.

Floato™ is now being sold online with huge success in Benelux Countries.

Advantages of Floato™

Floato™ can be printed in about 90 seconds.

Floato™ is dry to the touch virtually instantly.

Floato™ can be printed on an inexpensive inkjet printer.

Floato™ Ink costs can be minimal; from 10p per balloon.

Floato™ comes with elegant, easy-to-use software that has been specially developed to make designing images a fun, creative experience.

This software is available FREE for download on the Floato™ website.

No need for Photoshop, or to learn anything new!

Floato™ printable balloons are now produced to the highest possible standards in America and are packaged in a strong, vacuum-sealed bag, guaranteeing they arrive at the retailer in perfect condition every time.

Floato™ can be sold both printed and inflated, or flat and posted.

Floato™ has 15 years of granted patents unexpired.

The New Floato™ has a lighter coating and floats straight.


Magic International Limited recommend the use of, and will currently only support retailers using the printers we recommend like the Epson Photo 1500W A3+ format Inkjet Printer and the Canon Pixma PRO-100 and the Epson WF7210.

Floato™ may successfully print on other makes of A3+format Inkjet Printers, including Canon and HP, but neither the manufacturers of Floato™ or Magic International will assume any responsibility or liability for the results, which may damage the printers or the balloons or both.

Floato™ can however also be used on professional grade wide-format printers like The Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 which we do support and Instructions and a template are on the website.

Epson Official Statement

“The balloons are printed using a range of Epson printers used by professional photographers and galleries to produce limited edition and life-like prints every time.” Epson

You can however also use many of the Canon range of desktop printers starting from the Canon Pixma Pro -100 upwards like for example the Canon Pixma Pro 9000.

FYI – Laserjet printers cannot be used at all– as the heat produced in the LaserJet print process damages the balloon.